Stack Your Rings in Style

One fun and striking trend in jewelry is to wear stackable rings—two or more rings stacked together on a single finger for a stylish, amplified impact.  This popular trend is exciting partly because of its flexibility.  You choose which rings to stack, how to stack them, and where to wear them. And, depending on the breadth of your personal collection, you can change your stack to suit an outfit, an occasion, or even a mood.

How to Stack

Stacking your rings, often done as a buildable right hand ring, is a creative expression of your style, and it does not confine you to one look.  There are no specific rules on how to stack your rings, but I hope my rings provide some inspiration.
Get ta stackin'!
And if you are wondering... This is my latest stackable collection for my boutique in Long Beach CA, Le Bijou which is also online if you wanted to check out this vibrant, colorful combination of sapphires and gemstones. These rings are made to fit into each other to mix and match as if you were making your own custom  ring. If you have one or more from my older collections these will fit in just as well!

I also have a few necklaces too!

What is your favorite stack? 
Tag me at @lebijoulb & #lebijoulb so I can see!