Product Review- Professional 16''x16''x16'' Photo Lighting Studio Shooting Tent Box Kit

Product description on Amazon-
Dimensions: 16''x16''x16''/40x40x40cm. Note: the object for shooting shall not be bigger than 30x30x30cm/12''x12''x12''
Output lights: Double 60 LEDs light bands with 13,00 lumin. Super bright to provide the adequate light source. A lot brighter than other ordinary shooting tents. Your photo will be with pure white background and you don't even need to have the photo copped.
No strobe allowing you to take great pictures in white background with different devices: iPhone, smart phones, cameras or professional cameras.
Very easy to instal and uninstal! No other tools needed for the installation and uninstallation. Your bare hands are the only things needed for the installation. Space saving and very flexible. Can be utilized on various occasions or in different places.
Comes with a carrying bag and 2 pieces of background paper boards (color white and black). The paper boards are wrinkle resistant and water resistant. Very easy to cleanse. Ready for you to take with on the go! A light softener is included as a FREE GIFT!

 My review and photos-
 I finally spent money and got myself a real light box! I have had DIY and cheap light boxes in the past and although this one was only $99 it is cheap in the world of professional light boxes and has since gone up in price. This specific one comes in different sizes and prices by the brand. I went with the 16" since it fits my product and product display the best and had the best reviews of the others listed on amazon.
The already posted photos on the amazon listing is what pushed me to go with this brand, the before and after edits looked like something that would work for me.  I am far from a photographer so I needed something that would help me not only take better pictures of my jewelry and products for my shop but cut my edit time down. This did just that, I would very much recommend this box with an SLR camera.
Good lighting, decent construction, no unwanted reflection and easy to put together. It does come with a bag which is handy but since this is for my shop, I have it together and stored along side my dressing room. 
 Here are a few of my photos for my social media and website.
This is before edit with a crop.
This is after adjusting the lighting, fill light, highlights and shadows. I use Picasa from Google, very easy to use and free. I am very happy with the turn out. Everything was clean and even in the box I simply hit the "auto" for the lighting and this was the outcome. A few of my products did need a little more care in the editing department so the item's color matches what is sold  but the time to edit is still nearly nothing.
 These ones have less of the lighting edits, these are what I am using for my website since the designs move quickly with having the brick and mortar shop and the website. These are one of a kind so I again did not want to spend to much time on the edits, once gone they are gone and photos taken down.
If you would like to see and purchase this light box click here to see listing.
I purchased this box with my own money and nothing was given me to me, I was not contacted by the company. I purchased this box because I needed it. 
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