Product Review- StyleSign Big Finish Volume Hairspray by Goldwell

Product description-

This micro-fine hairspray will provide a strong hold and all day volume to your style. It protects against high humidity to prevent frizz and also provides your color with protection from fading. It will enhance the fullness of your hair to make your hair appear thicker.
Micro-fine hairspray for stong hold and all-day volume 
Protects against high humidity 
Enhances fullness 
Color protectant 
Hold Factor 4

My review-
I am not a big hairspray person to begin with, my hair can hold most hate helmet hair. That being said, I think I wasn't using the right stuff... I love this spray! It has a great hold without leaving my hair hard and gross, nothing worst than beautiful waves or curls that don't move to me. I leave by the beach and this kept up with humidity which is the number one thing I use hairspray for. This is also the Big bottle and by big they mean BIG, this bottle was huge! A++ I would recommend this to anyone!

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