Soniclear Anti-microbial Facial Skin Cleansing Brush System in Lavender Lust Review

Product Description
Stain and odor causing bacteria can grow on brushes when skin cells, makeup and moisture combine with bacteria that cling to bristles between cleansings.

Introducing SONICLEAR, the World's First Antimicrobial Sonic Skin Cleansing System because cleaner skin begins with a cleaner brush.™ Powerful, yet gentle enough even for sensitive skin, Soniclear micro-massages away dirt and impurities and then protects itself from microbial contamination. Removes makeup 6x better and cleanses 2x better than with hands alone.
Fans of sonic technology range from Lady Gaga to Oprah.  So for improved skin tone, reduced breakouts, better absorption of skincare products and overall better cleansing, meet SONICLEAR ~ your new favorite skin cleansing tool.

Soniclear includes:
1 Soniclear Device
1 Facial Brush Head with Cover
1 Body Brush Head with Cover
1 Charging Stand
1 Charging Cord
My review-
I clean my makeup off with my face wipes and then washed with warm water every night before bed and in the morning during my shower I wash my face with a scrub. I have been very happy with this routine so I was surprised at how much nicer my skin was after I started using it. I paired it with Micheal Todd facial scrub that I discovered in an ipsy bag and my skin has been much clearer in the last 2 months of using it. Sadly though I found the vibrations (even on the lowest setting) to be a little too strong for me especially on my nose and that is the main spot I'd like to clean with this. The brush I also found to be a little too soft for the face, I think I'd it just a little firmer but I did really enjoy the body brush, it was soft and gentle enough to use on my psoriasis to lightly exfoliate without over doing it.