Last Minute Holiday Treats

A few simple treats for the holidays.

Strawberry Santas!
Whip cream, strawberries, kiwi seeds and some powder sugar for snow is all you need to make these cute little Santa!
You can also add some hats to sugar cookies!
Peppermint Oreo Lollipops!
Peppermint (or cool mint) Oreo cookies, package vanilla CandiQuik coating & lollipop sticks is need to make this cute treat!
See step by step on these pops here!
Holiday Tree Brownie!
Grab a box of brownie mix, a tube of green frosting, some candies for lights and a peppermint stick for these little trees!
Rice Krispie Treat Christmas Lights!
Rice Krispie Treats, food coloring, tootsie rolls or chocolates and string up your lights with
a little help from some Twizzlers!
See more on these lights here! 

Happy Holidays! 
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