Role Model- Bouqs Review

It's been a while but it is time for another Bouqs review! These review is on Role Model from their Volcano collection. 
 "Our Pink and Purple Lisianthus Bouq is pretty and sweet. You’ll love these delicate, amazing blooms. Our flowers ship direct from eco-friendly, sustainable farms on a Volcano to your recipient's door. With Free Delivery!"
I ordered the deluxe (as always) because you get double the flowers for only $10 more.  You can check out my other Bouqs reviews to see their packaging here, for the deluxe the flowers were split and wrapped in two bundles as you can see from the picture just above. This was perfect for me since I was bringing half to my shop and giving half to a friend who has an office in the same building. I really like that the flowers are so freshly cut that there are still many buds. The flowers are so beautiful and full already I can't wait to see what they look like next week when they are all open. 

Overall, Role Model is a winner with me. I was crushing on this one the full month of May and glad I went with it.
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