Polish Review- Smoky by Dior Diorific Vernis

Coat on these bright hues to bring the glamour of Versailles to your nail looks. The styles of Dior and Raf Simons come together this holiday to create a collection that mirrors the eye-catching contrast of classic Dior Gold and the stunning pops of color in Raf Simons’ catwalk looks. The designs of Raf Simons’ Couture offer a modern sense of luxury to the House of Dior with a palette of pure, bold colors. In Dior’s holiday collection, these high shine, nail lacquers offer the perfect sense of balance when paired with the Diorific Gold Leaf Effect Top Coat—a shade that symbolizes the opulence, festivity, audacious femininity, and the spirit of Versailles, and that has inspired Christian Dior and his creations since 1947. Or, wear these bold polishes alone for an eye-catching mani. 
I was very excited to try this, I have wanted to splurge on a fancy polish for a while and just didn't have the heart to spend so much on one bottle... until I fell in with the bottle. I have gold accents on my vanity so it was not just polish I was buying with this one, I was also getting a little decoration. I ordered it from Sephora. It came in a cute little golden box, that I still have not had the heart to throw out. I loved it as soon as I took it out of that little golden box but that lovely sadly did not last. It is lovely on, great color, good formula, light polish scent but it chipped with a day. I have worn it a few times now and within 24 hours chip, chip, chip! Since I did get it it half for decor I'm not too upset but the polish was a sure let down.

Have your tried it? How was for you?

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