November 2014 Fall Themed KitNipBox Video Unboxing by Athena and Artemis

 It is time for this month's KitNipBox!

What came in the box-
Smart n’Tasty Salmon Treats $3.99
These little treats are all natural and grain free. The treats are green little fish shapes and very liked my my kitties.
Loopies Catnip Toy Mushroom $5.05
 This little plush mushroom is filled with catnip. Athena loves it, she keeps moving it around my apartment.
Beadle Bop & Company Apple Slice Catnip Toy $3.50
 This is handmade and sold on Etsy.  It is a cute little apple filled with catnip.  This is Artemis' favorite of the box.
Clean Face Ear & Eye Wipe:
 This sample cleans away dirt from your cat’s eyes and ears.  My vet has told me my cats ears are freakishly clean so I don't think I'll be needing these for them. When I had my old man pug though this would have come in handy since his ears were a mess!
Imperial Cat Dangly Door Bouncer:
When I filmed the video I didn't read what this was so when I pulled it out I thought it was an artsy kitty turkey... I was wrong! It hangs on your door. As a turkey or a door toy my cats hate it and Artemis is scared of it so I had to take it down.
Athena and her mushroom.
Artemis and her apple.
Artemis and both the new toys!
Athena just remembered she left her keys in the car, dang kitty.

It is time for this month's KitNipBox!
Did you get the box too? 
How did your kitties like it?
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