Picnic Themed KitNipBox Video Unboxing by Athena and Artemis

I had been seeing monthly boxes for pets for a while now but only a few for cats and none really looked all the good to me but after seeing the KipNipBox in my feed on instagram a few times I caved and ordered one for my pretties.

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What came in my first box and review-
1. Catnip candy toy from an artist/student. She makes each toy by hand and adds fresh organic catnip.
Review- My cats hate it. I think it is too cute and the purrfect (hahahaha had too) size but the scent is way too strong, you can see there reaction to it in the video below.
2.Sweet Pea Sprinkler Treats. This handmade organic all natural treats can be sprinkled on your kitties food or alone. 
Review- In the video you can see them eating it alone and they loved it but added to their food they wont touch it so I stick to it as an alone treat. This company donates a portion of there proceeds to animal charities so with that and the fact my kitties do enjoy it I may be picking up another bag once this one is gone. 
3. Earth Balance Pill Paste. A delicious mix of bacon and peanut butter flavors turns every pill into a reward. It does not dry out and wont stick to your fingers. It's low calorie, covers any pill, and can serve as a fine treat by itself!
Review- I didn't think to have them taste it in the video but they do really like it! Thankfully neither needs to take any pills at the moment so it will just be a little treat for them.
4. A baguette catnip toy. the toy is handmade by a pair of artisans from VA. Each baguette is filled with organic catnip.
Review- Boy! When this came out the unboxing was pretty much over, Artemis (pictured below yawning) love it and hardly shared with her sister. I already have a mouse picked out that I will be ordering soon by them.  This was the winner of the box!
5. Priscilla's Oat Kitty Grass. 
Review- Soon to come, we are planting it tonight and I will update this post when it starts to grow!
6. A crinkle ball.
Review- My cats didn't care too much for it but I did see that it was moved this morning so someone had to have touched it!
So overall I have very happy with the box and I think for the most part the kitties are too. As I say in the video I got the second size but I think next month I am going to go with the Multi-Cat box so Artemis isn't the only one with a toy. Can't wait for next month!
Watch the unboxing!

Did you get the box too? 
How did your kitties like it?

If have not joined yet head to https://www.kitnipbox.com and use coupon code LANIE15 at checkout, and you can get 15% off your first KitNipBox (Starter box excluded).