Social Saturday- Magic, Large Wieners and Last Minute Reservations

Social Saturday is on Sunday today, I wrote this yesterday and forgot to publish it!

The work week is almost over for me and I am starting to enter vacation mode... although my vacation is a actually a work trip I am claiming vacation.
This week started with my fiance and I going to the OC Fair on the last day of the fair. It was very crowded as always but the sun was out, the food was good (pricy as fuck though) and we found this large wiener that please Rob and I to no end!
I have been working on a new collection for the shop and I guess my partner has been waiting to add a like collection to the shop so we got that started this week.
 I am so excited to be working with diamonds again!
 I am going to the Magic Fashion convention in Vegas next week so I've just been trying to get everything done before I leave, and there is so much to get done but luckily getting my hotel room is finally done! I was scared waiting last minute to get my hotel room would have me need to cancel but didn't hurt me at all, got the same room from the Luxor I was planning on getting last month so I win.I am a last minute person for a lot of things but not when it comes to planing a trip and having to wait less than a week before I headed there was killing me.

Hope you are having a great weekend!
If you are going to the Magic show let me know, maybe we could meet up!