Social Saturday- Let's get this thing started.

So, I rarely post about personal things other than big events in my life like when I moved to a new state and when I got engaged but I want to start sharing the little things and see how things go... since I rarely even blog at all now. Every Saturday I am going to share a little of my week and I'd love to hear a little about yours too.

I have been working so much lately (good thing) that when I get home I avoid my computer like a plaque. My unboxings have been posted a full month after getting them, August's giveaway won't be up till tomorrow and I was trying to get that posted on the 1st of every month. A big shocker to me, I have not had time to do my nails more then once a week... when I do it is a solid color with no nail art!
 Oh me, oh my!

I started to work at the boutique Baubles Jewelry after 4 years of being away. The shop was actually where I had my first job 12 years ago... back when it was call Mood Swings and had vintage clothing and jewelry. It was kind of on it's last legs being open only 3 days a week so I stepped up, opened up two more days and left Mondays for me to do repairs and work on custom orders.
On the plus side when I do have a day (yes, just one!) I spend it wisely. I have been exploring my hometown and seeing all the new businesses and things that are here since I left a few years ago and checking out the few gems I loved that are still here like the pirate shop in Shoreline Village and Kings on Pine where you can find the best clam chowder in town!
 So that is a little catching up to start off my Social Saturdays. This week has been very busy, we added a lot of new inventory to the shop and tomorrow is my ma's birthday. I am very happy to have the work week be up, I love my job but I also love sleep. In less than an hour I will be closing up shop, checking out the art walk then heading to Shoreline and grabbing some pizza!

I will talk to you all later tomorrow when I post my giveaway... most likely late evening!
I hope you had a great week and are enjoying your weekend!