Social Saturday- 48 hours in Vegas

 Happy weekend everyone!
I don't really know where to start to I'll just jump into it, I went to Vegas this week!
The Magic show ( Magic Market Week) was in Vegas this last week so I headed up to meet up with a few people and had some fun... a little more fun then work but oh well, it is Vegas.
 I drove up with my fiance and we stayed at the Luxor, it was my first time staying there. The elevators were a trip and we had a hot tub on the side of our bed! Sadly I did not have time to use the hot tub since we where only there for a night but it was there!
We hit up a buffet, Magic, Moda, Bodies, and lost a little money.

 On our way out we got some Starbucks and for the first time ever my name was spelt correctly! I guess this will be my 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' thing.

 Back at home I  had been working on a few sterling silver and pure silver designs for the shop I run to go along with the new Bohemian Chic Collection and these are a few of the designs. Above with my badge for the Magic you can see another, it is my "WTF" pendant with pave diamonds set in silver. WTF with diamond, WTF right? There is also a "bitch" and "fart" pendant with diamond coming soon. There needs to be some shiny things for us odd balls too.
 That was a little of my week, how was yours?


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