Julep Maven June 2014 Box Review!

It is Julep time and I got the Boho Glam box. I am a Classic with a Twist... don't tell Classic on me.

What came in this box- 
Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat- A breathable, perfecting base coat that creates a matte canvas for long-lasting color 
Natalia (Boho Glam)- Refined copper metallic 
Harlow (Boho Glam)- Golden dragonfly iridescent chrome
 Here we have the lovely Harlow and below is Natalia. Julep has had a problem in the past of having their pictures and swatches be overexposed making their polish seem like very different in person(see here) and I am very happy that this is not the case this month because I was and am very happy with what I saw and got.
Watch my unboxing and swatch video!
For accent finger I used-
Jet by Julep for stamping
Bridal 06 plate by MoYou London
If you too are a maven what did you get?
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  1. I'm totally loving your pictures and your tutorial! I'm even more excited to get my box after seeing this post! I got the same colours as you - Natalia & Harlow. :)

    1. Thank you! I am loving these colors too and Natalia is so much prettier in person, I am excited for you to get your box!

  2. I am Classic with a Twist too, but I would have loved this box dearly! You chose well. Both of these colors are such winners!

    1. Classic just hasn't been doing it for me lately, Boho and Bombshell are my favorite recently. The colors in this box were great!

  3. I'm so glad to find an actual picture of Natalia. It's in my cart at this very moment. Such a pretty color.


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