Fortified- Bouqs Review

 Bouqs time!
 As I said before I am going to try to review all of The Bouqs flowers and this month is a deluxe of Fortified! If you have not seen my other post on Bouqs, their regular size is $40 and for just $10 more you get double so I always go with the deluxe.
Fortified by unique, bi-color roses in Yellow and Red. 
 So I let my fiance pick our the flowers and this is what he picked. I have to say after Cotton Candy (see my review here) I was not excited for these boring rose but Bouqs has surprised me again and I am very happy we got Fortified!
 Not only do they look great they smell fantastic! I wish I could share the scent with you but sadly this is just the internet and I can not.
 Here is what the looked like when the first came, still closed buds. The above pictures are 3 days later of soaking in water and flower food with 2 clippings.
I have had a crushed flower here and missing a flower there but when The Bouqs does well they do fucking amazing. I am still in awe of their roses and more specifically their yellow roses, they are so hard to grow and care for so kudos to you Bouqs.
Have you received any? 
What is your favorite or what have you been wanting to get? 
Keep an eye out for my next Bouqs coming in a few weeks and if you would like me to review ones that I have not already tried feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to get it next!

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