Know Your Nail Artist Tag!

I was tagged on instagram in a comment  to do this, I didn't want to share it on
instagram since mine (found here) is personal, business and blog related altogether.
When and why did you start nail art?
 Mid 90's, I was a kid that loved polish. I started to really get into it when the risk of psoriasis arthritis became real for me in my early 20's, figured I'd use and make my hand and nails pretty while I still could.
What styles did you first try? 
I use to take tooth picks and make dots and lines when I was a kid... blue polish was a must since I was way too cool to do the red my mom was rocking. When I was older the leopard print and flowers started me off in the world of nail art.
Any tips you recommend? 
Always start with clean nails and tools. Try to keep you nails shaped and moisturized, healthy nails make for a better manicure. Peel-off base coat/Elmer's glue are a time saver with clean up and trying new things. Practice, practice, practice, you'll be surprised one day at the skill you have. Use a top coat. It will blend the design and help your manicure look better and last. Lastly, clean up around the nails, acetone is your friend.
What technique or design did you first struggle with that you've since improved on? 
 I first and still struggle with water marbling. I have improved on applying the base though, clean up so so much easier now that I can paint within the lines!
Any recommendations for beginners just starting out. 
Try them all, start big or small and at the end of the day just have fun with it.

I tag you if you want to share!
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and tag all of your nail besties so they can do it too!