Cotton Candy- Bouqs Review

  I got new flowers and I love them! As I said before I am going to try to review all of The Bouqs flowers and this month is a deluxe of Cotton Candy! Cotton Candy is fresh Volcano flowers full of pink and sweet. This Bouq includes pink Gerbera Daisies, Alstroemeria flowers, and has accents like Eryngium, Limonium, and Statice. 8 Gerber Daisies and 8 Alstros with accents.
 I was missing a daisy but I still have two full vases with the deluxe size that cost $50. If you have not seen my other post on Bouqs, their regular size is $40 and for just $10 more you get double so I always go with the deluxe.
This easily my favorite of the few I have ordered, they are just beautiful and smell great!
Have you recived any? 
What is your favorite or what have you been wanting to get? 
Keep an eye out for my next Bouqs coming in a few weeks!
Check out their Concierge Service. 
Set up flower deliveries at set, regular intervals, 
calendars & reminders to ensure
you never miss an important date 
and or
be the most thoughtful you can be
with random, surprise deliveries.
They only bill when they ship & you can cancel anytime.

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