The Golden Globes- Bouqs Review
 The Bouqs sent me some complimentary flowers a couple weeks ago to review. I did get to pick the lovely flowers I would received and since at the time Paddy's day was just around the corner I went with the Deluxe Pot-O-Gold aka The Golden Globes which retails for $50. When they were delivered my fiance brought them to me in bed so I could have flowers in bed.
 When they first arrived they were buds still, now that is fresh! After a day of being in water and a quarter of the plant food that came with they started to open. Sadly my golden Paddy's day flowers were orange... the globes pictured here were a lovely yellow and listed as yellow ranunculus with green ruscus flowers. Thankfully I do not discriminate and still thought they were lovely.
This picture was taken on day 5, fully open and beautiful. I could not change out the water as much as I'd like this time because I had to take a trip to California since I am moving back but these did very well, I actually just threw them out 3 days ago after having them since the 19th so they were good to go for nearly 12 days.

I also just ordered a Deluxe Pride aka Rainbow Bouq for my new home in Long Beach since I am moving there in just a few days now! Keep an eye out for that and many more, I plan on eventually  trying and reviewing all of their flowers.

P.S. Use code "SPRING2FOR1" at checkout for a FREE 2 for 1 upgrade! That's $40 for a double rainbow of roses!
Limited time only & Btw... make sure you select "deluxe" I missed that when I ordered but you don't have to!