Julep Maven April 2014 Box Review!

 It is Julep time and I the Bombshell box... again. I am a Classic with a Twist... don't tell Classic on me. This month I have been so busy with packing and getting ready to move from Arizona back to Cali that I only just now got around to posting this even  though I did get this 3.31!

What came in this box-
Kayla: Electric iris sheer with violet sheen
Tatum: Neon chartreuse chrome
Glow Blush: Peach Bellini (customizable)
Add ons-
Jet: Jet black crème
Brigitte:  Bright white crème
Here is the lovely blush, I sadly have get to use it but it looks great for spring. I love the package and after seeing a few swatches I am very excited to use it. I will update this post with pictures once I use it.
I went with bombshell this month for the purple polish. The swatch of it was lovely and I had to have it! I
It is a sheer polish and as it claims it sure it, in this picture I have 2 coats.
The green polish is less sheer, here again I used 2 coats.

Overall, I like the colors and am very excited to try the blush. Kayla is a little different from their swatches but Julep is known to have over worked pictures, it is still a lovely color. The winner is Brigitte, it is a great creme white.

If you too are a maven what did you get?
What did you like the best and how did you feel about their blush?
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  1. Kayla looks beautiful! You'll have to write about that blush, as I'm curious to see how it fares.

    1. Kayla is the reason I went with bombshell this month, it is so lovely!

      I will post pictures soon of the blush, I still haven't tried it and sadly packed my camera away in the wrong box so I can't take pictures for another week! I will still share how it looks on me when I do!


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