Inspired by PiggieLuv's Gradient Glitter Swirl Nails

 Last night I was stalking Narmai's facebook and instagram and I came across this lovely picture below. I had just cleaned my nails so I thought what the hell I'll give it a shot and I am happy I did because I am now obsessed with this look. I used two bottles of China Glaze polish from their City Flourish Nail Lacquer With Hardeners Collection for my gradient tips for a spring/summer look.
Here are her nails and the inspired by picture.
You can see more picture of her nail on her blog here.
 Metro Pollen-Tin by China Glaze
 Petal To The Metal by China Glaze
 Dimepiece by Floss Gloss
 Fast Dry top coat by Seche Vite
The black polish for the swirls is Jet by Julep and I used a small nail art brush to hand draw my  swirls.
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  1. This is such a breathtakingly beautiful design!

    p.s. whoops, made a mistake with first comment >.<

    1. I couldn't agree more, I love Narmai's design.

      Also, I deleted the first comment for you :)

    2. Your take on the design is breathtaking as well :)

      Thanks, Lanie!

    3. By the way, is it just a clear base coat that your design is on?

    4. No base, just black lines on my nails. The only thing on the bed of my nails is the top coat when I was done. I only use a base if I am worried about stains.

    5. Oh, I see. Thanks! I'm going to try something like this too sometime. :)

  2. these are soooo gorgeous...I really love them... i'm going to a party this weekend so I am going to try to do this for the party! :) wish me luck!


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