Spring is in the air and in my closet

I have always been a winter girl, I love everything about it. The cold weather, layering up, dark colors, the holidays and everything else that come with during that time of the year. Lately though, I have been craving spring. I want flowers, pastels and to trade my winter coat in for a cute cardigan and tulle skirt.
I bought a Lauren Conrad tulle maxi skirt a few months ago and have been dreaming of the days I could wear it out and not freeze... with all the rain the last couple day I don't think now is the time but soon, very soon!
I've made a collection of all the goodies I can't wait to pull out to wear and a few goodies I wouldn't mind getting on Luvocracy.
What are you craving to wear?
Head to to Luvocracy to create your own Spring collection to share!