Cute flower pots make the perfect makeup brush holders!

I have a pink and white office/beauty room. I have found that it is so hard to find pink and white items so I have started to add other shades of pinks and just other colors as well. I found these lovely flower pots in a pale pink and green while at Ikea a couple months ago and had to have them for my brushes. They work so well and are very cute on my vanity... plus so cheap at only $2 each!

I added them and a larger one that would work great for a small bin or for larger brushes to my Luvocracy page if you want to get some for yourself or see the size of them. I also have one on my desk for my pens and a few paint brushes.
 Speak Up for Scoliosis Wristbands by SAUK
The pots are a little big so I added some shredded packing paper I had some some recent Julep boxes to the bottoms of the pots.
Adding that also helped them stand up straight so they don't fall or lay on another.
Boom, boom, boom!
Lovely aren't they?
If you get some for yourself I'd love to see or if you have any tips to help make my vanity a litlle more tidy I'd love to hear about it!

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