April Fool's Day polish spill prank with tutorial

 I love April Fool's Day and already started talking about it in an earlier post with a few ideas by others. As I promised in that post as I get ready with my tricks I would update and share. In that post I shared a link to a "how to" for a fake ice cream spill and thought it would be great to do with polish since I have polish everywhere in my house and am packing to move. An accidental spill may happen when moving so I'm crossing my fingers this prank will get my fiance.
What you will need-
School glue
 Acrylic paint
 Empty polish bottle
Baggie or plastic wrap (to dry on)
I added glitter but you can skip that step if you'd like, I wanted it to be as realistic as possible and I do love me some glitter polish. 

  Here are all the steps I took to do this fake polish spill.
Fill the bottle almost to the top with half glue and half paint.

Leave it on it's side pouring a little out over time just to get that "drop" out of the bottle that meets the spill. Let it dry in between the times you tilt more out.

Use a toothpick to spread the paint mix around to make a larger spill and to help it dry faster.

Once happy with the spill (3 hours of playing with it for me) let it dry over night because you don't want to have a real mess on your hands.
Think you'll give it a try? Let me see how yours turns out on Instagram with my tags @LanieBuck & #LanieBuck, I'd love to see them and hear how the prank turns out for you! 

Check out my lasted video for this!

You can find my other post here to see more crafts and pranks!
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  1. OMG best blog post ever. My parents hate when I polish my nails as it stinks up the bathroom so they would die if I did this on the bathroom rug

    1. Thank you, glad ya like it! I think the bad influence in me is coming out and says you should do it!

  2. What a fantastic idea! :DDD I love it!


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