April Fool's Crafts and Pranks

So my fiance is a bit of a stick in the mud and gets mad when I prank him on April Fool's Day so I get stuck doing harmless *cough* boring *cough* crafts and pranks.

 This is an update, inspired by the ice cream spill below I did one for polish!
You can find my how to here.
Last year I did fake peas and fish sticks for my fiance... he loved them! He could also smell the peanut butter a mile away so no fooling him with that one but I'm sure you could trick a little one. This year I was on the search of something new and found this broccoli, think I'll give it a try!

Speaking of last years trick here's how it's done!
Sugar wafer cookies, corn flakes, green taffy candy, peanut butter & strawberry jam.

Sticking with food, here is a great fake spill. I think I might do this but with an empty bottle of nail polish, we are about to move so a polish spill on the carpet show freak him out!
See more here! 

Delight their taste buds with caramel onions... If my grandpa was still around he would love this since he use to just eat onions like apples anyway! Just make sure you don't have anyone who is allergic to onions getting one.
See more here!

Left over bug prank.
I have been meaning to do this one for a while, maybe this will be the year :)
See more here!

Stepping away from food and into the bathroom we have a classic of mine and my family. This baby is used to turn your bath water wild and crazy colors... it's mainly for kids. Anyway, you pop one of the yellow ones in the tank of your toilet and you'll have a lovely yellow flush all day. This works best on guest and not people you have done this to many times.

I will post more of my own as I set up my house for April Fool's Day so check back over the next few days!
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