Julep Maven January 2014 Box Review!

 It is Julep time and this month I got the It Girl box due to the fact that Julep put an old product as the new product... which I already have. 
In this box came-
Hope- Stark white satin
Annemarie- Warm cocoa crème
Farrah- Lilac silk
 There was a few freebies in the boxes, I got a double pack of small files and I saw people getting a double pack of orange sticks.
 Hope is lovely and I do like the satin finish but it is a little streaky so I needed to apply 3 coats. It is a little thick so the needed coats was a bit much but since there is not top coat needed with the finish it was fine. 
Annemarie I thought was going to be my favorite since I am a sucker for brown tone polish. This polish is nice and very opaque, 2 thin coats and it was nice and smooth. Now really great for stamping though it is not made to be so I can't really judge it there.
Farrah oh Farrah, best of the box for me. Everything is lovely about this polish and I love the silk finish.

I have a top coat on with this mani, if you would like to see swatches without a top coat keep an eye out for future manicures or leave a comment and I will update this post.
What did you get and what did you think?
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