Julep Maven December 2013 Box Review!

 It is Julep time and I got two boxes this month! My fiance got me a Modern Beauty box and I grabbed BOHO Glam box and an add on to break up into gifts for my kid sister. I am a Classic with a Twist... don't tell Classic on me.

What came in these boxes-
Misti- Full coverage smoky holographic glitter
Gianna- Jagged gold glitter top coat
Joelle- Smoky blue-grey crème
Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer
2 Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals
2 sets of 2 Twistbands (freebie in each box)
Although the polish looks different from their photos and swatches these are very lovely colors and I am happy with my picks. Joelle was very smooth for a creme, not gooey at all.
Misti, Joelle, and Gianna.
I did the same mani with Gianna as my accent nails.

You can see all I used for both manicures and the tutorial for here.

On to the Makeup.
Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer & Sweep Eyeshadow Palette: Neutrals
When I opened the primer the first thing I thought was oh gosh, another yellow undertone product.
I applied it on my lid with no other makeup and I was very surprised at how nice it was and blended into my skin tone. I am a dry person but my lids are a little oily and this took care of that.
It smoothed everything out, was light weight, brightened up & covered the redness around my eyes. I have been using an Urban Decay primer and I am shocked to say that I am going to be replacing it with this primer. I love the outcome of this and wish their DD Creme was more like it.

Not as much love for the shadows though. They are creamy and smooth but there is a bit of fallout and I wish there was a darker shade and a lighter shade, the colors are too similar to me. I am also not a fan of all the yellow and peach under tones in most of their makeup so far, they keep skipping tones for the non yellow undertone fair and dark skin people.
Tiramisu—nude satin
Glow—golden shimmer
Dusk—mauve satin
Toffee—bronze shimmer
Cocoa—chocolate brown with gold shimmer
I also used Bronze shimmer from the gift set "Eyes All Aglow" with this look, figured I'd try to use all Julep on my eyes. I think the finished look was fine but I do wish there was a darker shade to have a nice smokey eye... if they were also matte I would like them so much more, I don't find shimmer to look good on my deep set eyes.
I love the size and packaging though, I am going to make this palette my travel palette since it is perfect (for me) for that purpose. It will be very handy for my upcoming trip to Colorado. I got the second one for my sister who is just starting to use makeup, I think this will be good for a first palette for a young teen.

Overall I am very happy with my boxes this month, I like trying Julep's new products hit or miss. The winner for me is the primer, I love it. The polish as always I love, I am very happy with what they have been doing with their glitter polish too.

If you too are a maven what did you get?
What did you like the best and how did you feel about the shadows?
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