DIY Manicure with Tutorial- Balloon and Glitter New Years Nails

 What you need and I used- 
White on White by China Glaze/ white polish
Brandt and Catrina by Julep/  black and yellow polish
Bzzz Bzzz by Starrily/ black and yellow glitter polish
Top Coat by Seche Vite/ favorite top coat
Nail art brush

You can do with your own color scheme, I wanted to try out Bzzz Bzzz from my latest Ipsy bag and I think black and gold are very big colors for New Years celebrations.
 To start apply Brandt (black) on index and pinky nails and White on White (white) on the rest.
 Apply Bzzz Bzzz (glitter) on thumb and ring fingers. 
I ended up applying the same on my index and pinky over the black. Go big or go home, right?!
 For the balloon on the middle finger start by making a half moon with Catrina (yellow) starting at the base of your nail.
 Again with Catrina (yellow) and using your nail art brush make a small triangle in the center of the balloon then with Brandt (black) make the ribbon for your balloon.
Apply your top coat and you are done! 
If you feel up to it you can also add the year to your balloon.

My 2014 New Years nails!

Give it a try and post it on facebook and instagram using #LanieBuck & @LanieBuck
Happy holidays!
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  1. I am going to do these nails and post it on my blog saying that I got this idea from your blog.

    1. Let me know when you are done, I'd love to see how it turns out! Cute blog by the way :)


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