DIY Crafts- Christmas Holiday Lights Earrings.

I saw these little buttons at Micheals and thought they would look too cute as dainty holiday earrings. I thought they might be a little cheesy but on they are just lovely, super cheap and easy to make too!
What you will need-
Holiday light buttons
Ear wire
I made a couple for myself with different ear wires to match a few outfits and one for a friend's little girl. You can find these and the buttons at your local Micheals/crafts store or online.
Start your earrings by opening the ends with your pliers.
Slip the button on the wire and close the ear wire with the pliers again.
Wear them and enjoy!
If you make some for yourself post on facebook and instagram using #LanieBuck & @LanieBuck, I'd love to see!

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