DIY Beauty- Cupcake Manicure with Tutorial.

A facebook group I am in has a weekly challenge and this week's theme is cupcakes!
 I love the them and needed a break from all the fall dark I have been wearing... though I still love it.

Anyway, here is my step by step picture how to, feel free to ask any questions if needed!
What I used- 
Blu by Zoya
Pinky Glitter by SinfulColors
Dimepiece by Floss Gloss
Camille, Brandt and Bunny by Julep
Chunky Holo Teal by Klean Color
Konad Plate M77
Pro Plate Collection 04 with stamp by MoYou
Top Coat by Seche Vite 

I started by painting all my nails white, I used 2 coats of Bunny.
I applied Dimepiece to the base and up to the middle of my ring and thumb nails.
Leaving some of silver glitter I painted all but the base with Pinky Glitter.
I finished the glitter accent nails with Camille on the tips since I wanted more glitter but not more pink.
Use the cupcake stamp from the MoYou plate.
It was clearly not fit on my finger to I stamped it off-centered.
You can color the cupcake on the stamper for a cleaner look but I wanted mine to look a but messy so I painted on top. Using Blu by Zoya and a dotting tool I filled in every other line leaving some black on both sides.
I then used Pinky Glitter to fill in the frosting.
And topped it off with a pink crystal!
I then used the double row garland looking design from the Konad plate and only using one of the rows (rubbed the top row off with a dotting tool) places it near the tip of my nail.
I filled in the tip of the nail with Chunky Holo Teal and the dots with Pinky Glitter.
And I finished off with my favorite top coat!
I was so excited for the cupcake when I started these nails but I am in love with how the index and pink came!
Give it a try and post it on facebook and instagram using #LanieBuck & @LanieBuck

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