Beauty Review- Tarte of Giving Collector's Lip Glosses

I got a few tarte goodies last month and only now I tested all the glosses that came in the Tarte of Giving Collector's Set & Travel Bag.
I may have gone a little tarte crazy...

Anyway, here are the swatches of the lovely colors!
I started with the lightest, SB51 RO.
It is a lovely sheer color and like all the rest has a very holiday cheery scent and feel to it.

Second is SB51 SPENCE.
It has a hint of a coral tint. I am not that into sheer gloss but I do think this is pretty.

Last of the nudes, SB51 VIV.
This one has a pink undertone.

This one also has a pink undertone, it is more opaque as well as the others.

A more opaque coral though still pretty sheer.

This I think it my favorite. It is a very light golden cranberry color.

The only real red in the bunch which I think is odd for a holiday bunch. I think it is pretty but I am not a fan of the name :)

The last color is the second favorite, it is a very pretty sheer plum color. It is a little darker than the picture above shows, it is the only picture that is a little off in color.
All the pretty colors!
If you would like me to review, swatch or test out the others from this set feel free to leave a comment and I'd be happy to make a post of more. 
If you have this what is your favorite gloss from the bunch? 
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