Love with Food September Gluten Free Tasting Box Review!

September Gluten Free Tasting Box

September was Hunger Action month where over 200 food banks across the country rally together to raise awareness about the hunger that plagues many within the USA. So Love with Food have partnered together with celebrity Chef Ming Tsai to put together a box selection of gluten free items! I bought on at the end of September and it has come!
Love With Food is dedicated to helping you discover great food for a great cause. Every month, Love With Food Box members receive a curated box filled with 8+ unique gourmet food items. Each box brings new delights, with bites that vary based on seasonal themes.  
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Here is the first look of the box.
 And the first look of what came inside of the box. I am always in awe at how well these boxes come packed, there is so much packed inside!
 Here is what's in the September Gluten Free Box
100% Natural Crunchy Cinnamon Apple Chips from BareFruit
I gave these chips a try and although I liked them I wasn't too impressed... until I saw that the only ingredients were apples and cinnamon! I have a dehydrator and I can never get the texture of my apple chips like these. I do wish that there was a bit more cinnamon though, it does suggest to add these chips to yogurt and or oatmeal so I am sure they would great with those but I would rather just have them as a snack on their own.
Sipping Broth from Millies Savory Teas
I have had these before in a past Love with Food box. I was very excited when I first tried these but was said to say it has a very weak flavor, they smell lovely but the flavor does not match it. I tried the Indian Spice of this  pair and again they lacked something. I am going to add some spice to the Spicy Tortilla one and add some corn and maybe beans... make a mini Tortilla soup.
Roasted Red Pepper and Artichoke Bruschetta from Milas Foods
I didn't try this yet but the reviews sound pretty good. I will have this in a week or so after I bake some fresh rustic bread. I am very excited about this, I love artichoke dips!
Fruit Snacks from YumEarth Organics
I did try these before they came in this box and I actually have about 20 packs of these in my kitchen right now. These taste great but the texture was off for me like most organic gummy stuff is.
Roasted Garlic Hummus from Wild Garden
Another item I have had before. I love the ideal of this but am not a fan of the taste. I have had and made much better so I just can't get into it. I think these are great for kids since the flavor isn't as strong as something I'd like. 
Cherry Berry Raw Cookie from Licious Organics
I was most excited for this cookie in the box, I love treats like this and am always looking for more like it. This was pretty good but there was something off about it... I am not sure what is standing out, I think it was maybe an odd coconut flavor. I don't think I would get this one again but I am thinking about checking out there Cranberry Almond Cookie.
Cheesy Organicasaurus by Good Boy Organics
I was not excited for these, I was thinking they were have a dumb downed taste since they seem to be more for kids but these are great. They have this hint of onion flavor that I love! I think these are my favorite from the box.
Cinnamon Crunch from Cosmos
Another thing that I wasn't excited for that was surprisingly good. These have such a better texture then regular popcorn, bake is the only way for me now!
Blueberry Fruit Bar from Betty Lou's
This little good is going to my fiance since he loves blueberries, I had these before also and already know he likes it so he will get it :)

So that is that and overall I am happy I grabbed the box, I found two new goodies that I will be getting again and the rest were a nice snack. The winner of the box was the Cheesy Organicasaurus!

If you got this box which do you like best?
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