Julep Maven October 2013 Box Review!

 It is Julep time and this month I went with the Modern Beauty box though I am a Classic with a Twist... don't tell Classic on me.
 The goodies out of their packages... the candy corn did not make it into the second picture, it was very yummy :)
 In my box I got the beauty products and then I added on the polish this month. It is cheaper to get the polish as your add ons if you are getting their beauty products. The box had "Mask Noir" which is a peeling mask, a Kajal Eye Glider & Sharpener which is a one side black and one side shimmering brown eye liner and for my add on polish I got their new yellow Dahlia, mix glitter polish Beatrix and the new glow in the dark polish Casper.
 I was most excited for the Mask Noir peeling mask this month but I am truth be told having mix feelings about it.
 Here is the first look of it, it is very black. I don't know how others got it all over their face so neatly because I tried to apply it as fast as I can but it dried to quickly on me and became sticky so it just picked up what I was putting on and just collected on my fingers.
So I could not apply it all over my face because I was removing more then adding on as I went but I did get a good amount on for a good test of the stuff. I was thinking after seeing my face with it on that if it doesn't work well as a peeling mask it would be awesome as Symbiote costume...
Anyway, after 30 minutes I peeled it off with ease. I did have to use a wetnap to take off what was left. Once it was off I noticed that my face was red and was worried but it turns out it was just from the "peeling" and after I splashed cool water on my face the redness went away. While I was applying and having it on I hated it but after I could feel my face was so much smoother. I really did like what it did to my face but for the price ($32.00 or $25.60 Maven) and how much you need to use I do not think it is worth it, really cool stuff though.
The other beauty product was Kajal Eye Glider & Sharpener. I am actually pretty impressed with the liner. It was very smooth and it was pretty hard to rub it off so I have no doubt that this will stay in place. Again though for what it is I don't think I would buy another due to the price, $22.00 $17.60 Maven.
 The black end.
 The brown end.
 And now onto the polish! I was not sure what colors I wanted this month, I changed my box so many times but ended up with Dahlia, Beatrix, and Casper.
Since Halloween is this month I went with Halloween themed nails with spiders and webs to test the new polish. I put the spider and webs over Casper since that was the glow in the dark color, I wanted the design to be seen in the dark.
Here is Casper glowing! Boy, it is hard to take pictures in the dark! I tried so hard to get a picture that wasn't too blurry, this was the best I could get :)
Give this look a try and post it on facebook and instagram using #LanieBuck
I'd love to see how it turns out if you give it a try!

So, overall review of this month is pretty good. I am happy with all though I am a little tired of the high prices and that we have to wait for the pretty often sales and promos Julep has to get things for what they should be priced at if we want more. The polish to me is the real winner of this month, I love Dahlia.

If you too are a maven what did you get?!