Julep Maven November 2013 Box Review!

It is Julep time and this month I went with the BOHO Glam box though I am a Classic with a Twist... don't tell Classic on me.
What came in this box-
Aisha: Wildberry purple creme
Alexandra: Blonde creme
Julep Lip Gloss – Charming: Sheer mauve gloss
And add on-
Autumn: Burnt red-orange multidimensional glitter top coat
I will start this review with the Charming gloss. I was not a huge fan of the past Julep glosses since they were pretty heavy and too sheer for my liking. I was also not a fan of their combinations this month and really did not want Charming. I would have loved to try Posh or Darling but did like the polish that came with either and since again I was not a fan of the past gloss picked the polish over it.
 Anyway, this gloss is much better but I am still not a fan.
It has a fancy new bottle that I do like but it is still too heavy and too sheer. I did my boyfriend test as I always do to see what comes off on him and it did not pass, he even said it was heavy before I mentioned how I felt about it. The positives for me is that it was very moisturizing did last a while... I even ate and it stayed heavy on my lips.

Here is the old and new. I wanted to see how much more we are getting with this new clearly larger bottle and the labels say they are both .25 oz... unless there is an air bubble or two in the new bottle I don't believe they are the same amount.

On to the polish!
Again this is Alexandra, Aisha, and Autumn. 
I love these color and I love them together! I was worried that Autumn would be too orange to do a mani with Alexandra and Aisha but there is enough red that it blends pretty well.

In this box there was also a little holiday booklet filled with goodies that will be coming soon it seem. I wouldn't mind having a few now. They had opened the secret store early and to everyone this month so I was crossing my fingers a few goodies would be in it but nope... I guess will have to wait.

There will be Gel Eye Glider Minis for $18 & a Color Caddy filled with goodies for $75.
There is an everything and the kitchen sink box for $225!
A well Manicured kit for $40 and and Extraordinary Color Kit with a diamond glitter, oh my!
Little Lights! You will get 4 minis, I love me some minis and these will be in my stocking if I have to put it there myself!

So overall I am happy with this box though I could care less for the gloss, I think I'd like it more if I could have picked the color I wanted. I love the polish and the winner of this box for me is Autumn, I think it is a beautiful glitter polish. 

If you too are a maven what did you get?
What are you excited for from the booklet?!
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