Adult Box 'The Fantasy Box' Essentials Review!

The Fantasy Box is a subscription service for adults that delivers adult items monthly. Each box contains products for a themed romantic date, and comes with detailed instructions for each party involved.
 I received the 'Essentials' box from The Fantasy box to review, the cost of this one is $34. There are 2 others, one being 'The Fantasy Box' at $59 and the 'Platinum' box at $159. All of the boxes have free discreet shipping in US and you can use my code LANIE to get 20% off your first box!
The look of the box right out of the shipping package, it was shipped in an envelope with no mention of what was inside. Now on to the first goodie!
Sliquid Organics Lubricating Gel in a sample size. Being a person with allergies an all natural gel is great. I did pop this open and test it on my finger, it has a nice feel too and washed off very easily.
The back if you would like to read the ingredients.
Second goodie was a blindfold. They are not my thing since I am once of those leave the lights on kinda people but I think one of the points of this box is to try new things.
Next was a Rene Rofe Lingerie Set, I got a medium. I have a big bust but a small waist so medium is a pretty safe size for me.
The top is push up so there was extra padding but in my case it is not needed... my cup runneth over already. My guy doesn't mind so much and since this is for his eyes only the extra bust doesn't bother me too much.
My favorite thing about this was how long it is! As you can see it falls to my hip which I was very pleased with since I am pretty tall. It is really pretty on too, very flattering... ignore my "taking pictures" outfit  :)
Ovo W1 Rose was at the bottom of the box and came in a fancy box of it's own. This little guy is the same size as the picture on the box and I tested it on my hand also. It had a pretty good vibe and was pretty quiet.  
A little welcome note was in the box also.
And the part of the box that got Salt N' Papa stuck in my head!
It also came with a follower, a leader, his and her cards. I am more of a leader so the follower card will be for me.

I overall love the box, the idea alone is awesome to me. It gives couples a chance to try something new, different and something fun. I also like that it starts before the bedroom... or wherever you choose to have your fun.
 You can find out more about the box on their site The Fantasy Box
and don't forget to use my code LANIE to get 20% off your first box!

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