September 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag Review!

It is that time of the month when a little pink bag filled with goodies makes it's way to my mailbox!
After taking a peek in my glam room on Ipsy's site I was super excited for my bag. Sadly though, not everything was packed in the bag. There was suppose to be mascara in it and after emailing I have been told they will be sending me something in it's place it in a few weeks... I am hoping they send me the mascara but it sounds like I will get a different replacement for not getting it.
Anyway, on to the good stuff!
I got
 I tried the eye gels first and not a huge change but I did see a difference! I left the gels on for 10 minutes as the package said and my bags are lighter as well as some of the darkness. As I creep towards 30 I am starting to see some changes... aka lines around my eyes and bags with dark circles so it was nice to see that go away for a moment. It has been nearly a full 24 hours and they still are looking like the 'after' picture. I am pretty tempted to get the 8ct pack from their site since there is currently the "ipsy" code to save 20% off :)
 Love this "look" on ipsy to help me win this months challenge!
The second goodie I played with was the lip balm. I love the color but it is pretty dry or at least mine was. I always apply chap stick before doing my lips but I had to add some on top also. It seems to stay on for a long while although it is not boyfriend friendly since it came off on my water bottle.
Love this "look" on ipsy to help me win this months challenge!
Although it was dry and came off when I took a drink I still am very happy with it, the color is great and it really stayed on my lips. 
Lastly, I did my eyes with the pencil, NYX shadow and the sample of EM cosmetics that came as a freebie this month after the launch of it last month. I am overall mostly impressed with EM cosmetics, I was very surprised with the pigment of it and am no longer having any worries about the order I placed a few days ago :) I am not a fan of NYX and was not impressed with the shadow. I wanted the gold on my lashes and the shadow wasn't cutting it so I finished with a gold from a Crown Brush palette. I do like the Starlooks pencil but for the price I pay $4 more and get my favorite from M.A.C. so I don't think I would buy.
Love this "look" on ipsy to help me win this months challenge! 
So overall I like the bag but I think I am sad that my mascara was not sent with. The winner of the bag for me is the eye gels then lip balm, I would buy both.

If you are a member what did you get and what did you think? 
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