Julep October 2013 Sneak Peek!

You can now pick your goodies for this month, meet the new colors! 
I am torn, I want it all but don't think I have to have all... 
I think I will be going with the Modrern Beauty box with add ons Casper, Cleopatra, and Beatrix.

An email was sent and a post made on facebook one of the goodies from Ocbober's box!
Looks like Julep is giving it another shot at cosmetics!
It is shown being used here and I must say I have high hopes. I just decided that the pencil I had been using since I was 18 is not cutting it anymore and is getting harder to find online since it is no longer being made.. Anyway, I have been looking and trying a few new ones so I am excited to this.
Here are a couple pictures Julep has shared of the new product!
 You can fine the how to use of this look here.
This picture was shared on their blog, you can find the post here.

And today 9.19 we have a polish sneak peek!
Meet Valerie, a teal with iridescent microglitter and Cleopatra, a black latex creme. 

Are you excited? 
What do you think the theme is going to be?

I'm a classic with a twist :) 
Let me know what style you are!