Julep Maven September 2013 Box Review!

My box came Friday and I was so excite to see it! I couldn't help but upgrade this month once I saw all the fall colors!
 First look of the box:) I saw that they added a freebie of there polish removing pad which I love, I can take off what I have and jump right in!
 I then saw the changes to the packaging, it is so cute and great for if I wanted to give some polish away as a gift... but for myself it's just in the way!
 Here are the goodies I got, the full collection, blank canvas mattifying face primer, and the bare face cleansing oil.
 The primer I have use 3 times already and am a fan. I don't know if it will replace what I currently use but I will differently use every last drop!
 I was very sacred to use this but I gave it a shot last night and I like it. The scent as always with their goods smells lovely, the oil is light, washed off well and it really did wash off all of my mascara!
I love the look of this little box, its is too cute but I do feel it is not needed. I hate when polish is in boxes, being obsessed with polish I love seeing my colors! I know there is a little window but like I said it is just in my way. Anyway, on to the polish!
 I started it the "it girl" set.
 I love this yellow, it is very cheesy... so cheesy it reminds me of the cheese in my macaroni tattoo! "Candace" is a lovely glitter polish and I see myself using it often in the coming months.
Next was the "boho glam" set.
 The orange and gold glitter polish "Tatiana" is a great color and covers over the dark polish very well with just one coat! "Kristy" is a very dark blue, so dark that is just looks black with two coats so next time I wear it there will be a coat of white under to help that pretty blue pop!
My box style "classic with a twist" set.
 I was most excited for "Florence" when they posted this month's goods. It looks like a prefect nude for me... but it is a little lighter then I wanted so it will not be replacing my favorite nude "frappe" by Nailtini. Anyway, it is a lovely color regardless and I am very happy to have it. Padma has a bit of the same problem with being a little too dark with two coats so white under next time. As you can see in the pictures the purple shows better over "Florence" then on my ring finger.
Lastly, the "bombshell" set.
 OMGosh, I am in love! I knew I would like "Daria" since I was in need of a good grey polish but did not think I would like "Karmen" as much as I do! I use to love red polish and my guy is not a fan so I wear it less. He was in my office and I asked which I should use before I headed out for dinner, to my surprise he picked "Karmen" from the collection! It is such a lovely color and made it has my favorite of the group this month... and of the last few months from Julep. 

So overall I am very happy I upgraded, I am happy with everything I got and can see myself getting more of a few of them in time. 
Now to recycle all these boxes!
If you too are a maven what did you get?!
I'm a classic with a twist :) 
Let me know what style you are!