DIY Beauty- Peeling Base Coat Polish

I have seen companies and bloggers post about peeling base coats that are about $8+ and am always amazed that people would pay that when the is such a cheaper alternative! 
So for all who don't already know I'd like to share my favorite peeling base, Elmer's clear school glue that I get at Target for $1-2!  I put mine in a polish bottle that a got on amazon so I can apply it easier.
It is great when using glitter polish since it is so hard to get off at times
and for easy clean up of polish on your skin.
Apply a coat over the whole nail, let dry then paint your nails!
You will be able to wash your hands and shower with no problems too, I had the glue base for 3 whole days before it came off!
Watch my video do see how easy it is to take off!
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