Julep Maven August 2013 Box Review!

Yay, nail mail is always the best!
Julep has turned 2 years old and although my box looks like it had a hard time on it's way to me the design is still super cute!
The little note was very sweet too.
Even sweeter to me was the forget-me-not flower seeds that they sent with as a little gift. Forget-me-nots are my favorite flower and I have tried many many times to grow them over the years but sadly I do not have a green thumb. Hopefully it will be different this time! 

Anyway, I went with the Bombshell box instead of my Classic with a Twist box and I am very happy with it. I did grab Veronica from the Classic box though... only because the Veronica Mars movie is in the works and being the huge fan of the show that I am I had to get it after seeing the name. That being said it is still a very pretty color and I am happy to have it not only for it's name, I am not that big of a nerd... I think.

The box came with one product this month, DoubleStep. It is to be used to avoid blister. I just got new shoes last week and although I don't think I should have gone on a 4 miles walk in new show with or without the creme for my feet but I did not have any blisters... just sore toes.
I received Bea (yellow) and Lacey (blue) in my box and I am completely in love. My favorite of the duo is Bea, it is a lovely color.
 Here is Bea with my add on Veronica.
If you too are a maven what did you get?!
I'm a classic with a twist :) 
Let me know what style you are!