DIY Easy Stiletto Nails with No Acrylic!

Stiletto Nails!
I have been wanting to try these but did not want to commit to having them just in case I hated them right away! Turns out I really like them but typing and using my phone is a pain! these will great for Halloween too :)
 You will need think full press on nails like I used. I found mine at a local beauty store but you can find them online.
Nail glue- found mine at Target near the press on nails.
Nail clippers or scissors.
Polish, top coat & any nail art goodies you'd like to use.
Start by applying the nails on using the nail glue, try not to use too little or they will pop off and try not to use too much or it will. Try to apply the nail as close as you can to your cuticle for a more natural look.
 Once the glue is dry and the nail seem secure in place cut the the nail in an angle from the middle to the edge. Try not to cut your nail while doing this, you can file to make it neat.
 File done anything that needs filing, I like to round off the tips a bit.
 Once you are happy with the look of the nails paint them how ever you please. 
I used Paris and Lacey from Julep.
 I wanted a little something else for a little more fun.
You can find the studs I used here.
 I applied a little top coat at the base of my nails for the studs.
 And using a dotting tool applied the studs.
 Then fished it all with a top coat!
You can find this top coat here.
 I am beyond happy with how they turned out!
 Hope you found this helpful.

I'd love to see if you give it a shot, @LanieBuck on instagram or facebook if you give it a try!
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  1. LOVE. I recently took the plunge & changed the shape of my natural nails. The edges were starting to curve around my fingertips- drove me NUTS. Stilettos definitely fixed that issue and I'm totally loving them :)

    1. I have that problem too and have been thinking of doing my natural nail too but due to a recent oops a few of my nails broke and I had to file them down :( I think when my nails grow out long enough I will give it a shot!

      And for the curving of my nails I did notice that drink more water and making sure to rub some lotion in my nails daily... or a few times a day really help in just a week. My nails get bad when I am dehydrated.


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