Organize your nail art tape!

If you are like me to have a ton of nail art goodies and countless rolls of nail art tape. 
I have them all packed away in draws but I have a few floating around that I use here and there. While using them I always end up putting the new and then used tape on the caps of my polish. I just cleaned off the tops of my polish bottles last week, I had tape on about 15 of them! I am now happy to say that that bad habit is done because a few weeks ago thanks for Lace and Lacquer for sharing a post on facebook of something she saw I made this! 
Here is how I make this awesome thing!
You don't have to add the bit of tape but I thought it would be cute and it matches the pink and white theme of my office.
 I put one of each color I had.
Let me know if you give it a try!
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