My favorites- Come shop with me!

Elleandish had a giveaway on her youtube page not too long ago and I was introduced to the site Luvocracy. I guess signing up during her giveaway gave me a $10 credit on the site so I decided to try it out risk free and buy a top coat that people go crazy for and that I have not yet used at a very very good price.

 I placed my order on the 23rd and on the 24th I received this email.

The great price just got better! I was very excited to see how fast things where going but was worried that the shipping would be until I received my tracking on the 25th! The order was delivered just 4 days later! So I think I am sold on the site, I have made a few collections of goodies I luv, want and have had... I am also added a few things from other's favorites. This site mixes pinterest with shopping, dangerous combo!
Anyway, here are a few of my favorites from my collections. 
 You can sign up here. 
Coach Poppy- This has such a light and lovely fresh scent that I just fell in love with, this is my current favorite perfume... I think it will be my favorite for some time too. I can't get over the fresh scent of it!
Julep Beach Tonic- A blend of lightweight yet nourishing oils that moisturize, condition, and restore elasticity and suppleness to the body. This is another scent that I can't get enough of.
Pixi Flawless & Poreless- I received this in an Ipsy bag a few months ago. I had never used a primer before so I was amazed at how well this worked. This has become a must-have in my makeup page.
Altec Bliss Headphones- These bad boys are not only pink but small enough to fit in my ears comfortably! I bought these two years ago because I needed headphones to run with, every other ones I tried hurt and popped out of my ears. I see that the price is $8.99-$20 which makes me cringe to think that I paid $80 for them but they are worth it and I would pay that again.
Samsung i9300 Galaxy S3 Leather Wallet Case- I have had this case since December 2012 and love it! It has been very helpful to me since I could never find either my wallet or my phone. Now, if I have one then I have the other! Of course if I don't have one then I also don't have the other but that has yet to happen...
Volum' Express the Mega Plush Mascara by Maybellin-When I tried it I was not a fan but over time I fell in love and out of my 14 bottles of mascara... this one is favorite. I have been using it for I think about a year which is a very long time for me, I rarely replace mascara once it is gone and I am on my 3rd bottle. 
One light coat really enhances my already long lashes. 
Acetone-Free Conditioning Nail Polish Remover- I do my nails a few times a week so having a remover that is easy on my hands and nails is always nice and the pump top makes it easy to use.The bottle is thankfully recyclable but it is a bit of a bummer that Julep doesn't have refill bottle for this pump. Still a favorite of mine:)
Over The Rainbow Glitter Nail Polish byCandie's- Bought this a few months ago and love it! Flecks of glitter add sparkle and shimmer to your nails, giving your overall ensemble standout appeal.
Tuscan Blood Orange by Pacifica- Another goodie from an Ipsy bag, I love fresh fruity scents so this was perfect for me and it works great on my dry elbows!
Espresso Eye Shadow by M.A.C.-  Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly and blends well. I bought my first MAC makeup during my first trip to Vegas when I was 18 so I have been using this color for about 9 year. It is my favorite matte shade of brown and as you can see by my picture I should get a new one soon!
Blu Polish by Zoya- Full-coverage, soft and delicate pale baby blue with a glossy creme finish. A dreamy, calming blue that's both fun and flattering on the nails. As a soon to be bride I have started to become obsessed with blue polish.
This is not in my collections on the site but it is very yummy and you should try it :)

I have a few other things added so take a look at all and let me know what you like best, I'd love to hear what you think of the things I love!
Also, let me know if you set up some collections. I love to take a peek at others goodies!